FIERCE Supply Co. is a company that was formed in London, ON.  We are an active lifestyle brand, that promotes individuals to get up and live the FIERCE lifestyle.  This means to take action, go after your goals and be active! 

We support local businesses and communities while striving to spread our brand globally by providing the highest quality apparel sold at an affordable price. Our clothing is inspired by the culture, people, sports and nature of Canada which gives a unique look on the world from a Canadian point of view. 

Our vision is to provide the highest quality apparel made 100% in Canada to help bring good manufacturing jobs back to Canada. We would like to give back to our communities by supporting youth sports teams, sponsoring Canadian athletes, and helping local charities.

We want to thank you for taking the time to stop by and checking us out, and as a company we promise to give back and support our local community as we continue to grow. 


Your friends at FIERCE Supply Co.